Hob Cleaning

A clean hob is a prerequisite for hygienic cooking. It is also reduced the risk of fire, and ensures even distribution of heat, in turn preventing damage to cookware. There are different types of hobs – stainless steel, ceramic, glass, electric, induction, and gas. Each has some unique issues regarding cleaning. An electric plate hob has several raised elements that heat up your pans and pots. If they’re not cleaned regularly, food can burn into the grooves and become really difficult to remove. Ceramic hobs have a smooth surface makes cleaning up spills quick and easy if you catch them in time. Induction hobs are quite easy to keep clean; because the actual hob doesn’t get hot during cooking, you can wipe up spills soon after they happen. A gas hob is the most labour intensive hob to clean, but it’s still easy to get great results.

When a service person performs a regular cleaning operation, he inspects the hob and takes actions as necessary for the following parts